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Implementation Research Scientific Conference 2023

June 12th-14th in Bilbao


Join us at the Implementation Research Scientific Conference which will be held in Bilbao in 2023.

 This conference comes at a crucial juncture in which it is essential to think about how Implementation Science and practice may work together in order to facilitate the translation of evidence-based interventions into routine clinical practice aiming to increase their reach, adoption, implementation and maintenance. 


Implementation Research and Practice

The biggest problem that undermines the quality of our health services is not the lack of research, but rather the lack of real implementation of the knowledge that research generates. The real translation into clinical health practice of effective interventions for health promotion and prevention of chronic diseases remains an unresolved challenge in health systems worldwide. Additionally, a considerable proportion of the interventions provided to patients in the healthcare context lack solid evidence of the effectiveness. The elimination or reduction of this low-value care can lead to improvements in the quality of care and its results in terms of population health while reducing costs.

Implementation Science seeks to address and reduce this translational gap by studying and understanding:      

a) The political, social, behavioral, economic and organizational factors that impede the effective dissemination and implementation of clinical, public health and organizational findings based on evidence.

b) The identification, development and evaluation of specific strategies that allow the integration into routine clinical practice, interventions and therapies of proven efficacy that are not being applied in a generalized, sustainable and continuous way (Implementation) or promote the abandonment or substitution of ineffective or cost-ineffective practices or interventions (De-implementation). 


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